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Rubén Villahermosa

Pack 3 books on Trading and Investing (PDF version)

Pack 3 books on Trading and Investing (PDF version)

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Ruben Villahermosa, Amazon bestseller and independent trader, has written three books in non-technical language and presented with a multitude of charts and real-world examples that will help you become a winning trader.

Discover a professional method of technical analysis: THE WYCKOFF METHOD

In the financial markets, it is essential to know what the big traders are likely to do. Basically, because they are the ones who have the ability to move the market. The Wyckoff Method tries to identify the participation of the professionals.

Book #1: "Trading and Investing for Beginners".

The best book to learn how to invest in the stock market from scratch. This book is for all traders and investors who want to start from scratch, take their first steps in stock trading and get on the fast track. You will learn:

  • Basic and advanced financial literacy concepts.
  • Theoretical foundations of financial markets.
  • Advanced risk management techniques.
  • 3 advanced technical analysis methods: Price Action, Volume Spread Analysis and Wyckoff Methodology.
  • Principles of Emotional Management applied to trading.
  • How to run a professional business.
  • How to start from scratch, from theory to practice.

Book #2: "The Wyckoff Methodology in Depth".

The best book on advanced technical analysis for technical analysts who want to specialize in a methodology whose principles are based on the study of the real engine: the interaction between supply and demand. You will learn to

  • Identify the involvement of institutional money.
  • Determine the context and the sentiment of the agents.
  • Trade high probability zones.
  • Plan scenarios based on a defined roadmap.
  • Manage risk and position appropriately.

Book #3: "Wycoff 2.0: Structures, Volume Profile and Order Flow".

The only trading book written by and for advanced traders, Wyckoff 2.0 is the natural evolution of the Wyckoff Methodology. It is about bringing together two of the most powerful concepts in technical analysis: the best price analysis coupled with the best volume analysis. You will learn:

  • Discover the B-side of the financial market.
  • How order crossing occurs and the problems of analyzing it.
  • Know the principles of trading with value ranges for short, medium and long term trading.
  • Implement order flow patterns for day trading.
  • Build your own trading and investment strategy step by step.

The advantage of these books is that they will save you time, effort and money. The author has been there and knows exactly what you need to know and how best to explain it so that it is understood.

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Customer Reviews

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Lennart Rasch
Great value for a fair Price

I recommend the three books to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge about technical analysis. Three of the few books that really offer knowledge and value. Thanks Ruben!

Great books !!!

A great read for people using the Wyckoff method