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Rubén Villahermosa

Trading and Investing for Beginners (PDF version)

Trading and Investing for Beginners (PDF version)

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If you have always wanted to learn how to invest in the stock market but never knew how, then read on because this book has been written for you.

Investing in the stock markets is not easy, but you can learn even if you have no prior knowledge.

All you need is the right resource: TRADING AND INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS.

Ruben Villahermosa, Amazon bestseller and independent trader, has created this revolutionary book with which you can learn from scratch everything you need with a simple language away from technicalities.

In this book you will learn...

  • How to improve your personal economy with Financial Education.
  • The most used financial theories.
  • The main investment products.
  • ALL the financial jargon, explained.
  • The basics of Technical Analysis.
  • 3 Technical Analysis Methodologies.
  • 4 winning trading strategies.
  • Key Risk Management concepts. (AWESOME)
  • Emotional management, cognitive biases.
  • How to develop a trading plan step by step.
  • How to properly record and review your trades.
  • And how to start taking your first steps.

And much more...!

Don't wait any longer, BUY THE BOOK NOW and discover how you too can make money in the stock market.

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